Soil is the Common Ground for both ceramics and food, two quite unobviously interwoven resources. The object series, which arose in Indonesia is about creating awareness for the ecosystem soil and its fragility.

Rice is omnipresent in the Indonesian landscape as well as in the cuisine and culture. But an excessive cultivation causes a strong exploitation of soil, which degrades, dies off and becomes infertile. By visiting projects within the city I gained insights into cultivating techniques, rice varieties and carbohydrate sources with the aim of strengthening the soil system.

As a physical work, the raw matter clay was taken directly from natural pits. The clay was transformed with different techniques. By giving it space for its character, different shades and deformation occured. This allows to emphasize the beauty and fragility of clay - ergo soil. It is resulting in boxes for storing dry food and seeds.

The installation offers a portrayal of the intricate diversity and fragile nature of soil—a living medium that serves as the common ground for both clay and carbohydrates. This project opens up a discourse for new narratives on the territory of matter.