Since the age of industrialization, we have created an absurd system around the flow of nutrients within food production in recent decades. We overfertilize our agricultural land with artificial fertilizers designed for quantity, harvest highly cultivated food that lacks secondary and micronutrients, and in some cases have to synthetically sublimate the missing nutrients in order to avoid falling ill ourselves due to deficiency symptoms.


The installative object series "Nutri Store" reflects the absurdity and complexity of the modern nutritional system. The artefacts are based on pill organizers and depict them in an oversized format. By enlarging them, they function as artistic commentaries that allow us to take a closer look. The objects are divided into the categories of primary, secondary and micronutrients. Visual cross-references to chemical acronyms, fertilizer granules and small pill shapes invite viewers to reflect on dependencies and connections within the system and point to the urgent need to transform food production in a more sustainable and healthier direction.